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Sifu John G. Lapham
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The School

The School
Well here it is. Our little Wing Chun School in the burbs of North Seattle. I hope you enjoy your time here learning about the school, its instructors and curriculum. As you can see the school is very small, occupying about 300 square feet of my home. It does however have all the necessities for learning Wing Chun.  We have a Wooden Dummy, wall/podium bag and lots of outdoor space for sparring and weapons training.
The floor is concrete so all students must wear shoes when training and there are no bathroom/changing facilities so come prepared to train.  In the beginning you will only need some comfortable clothes to train in but as you progress through the system you will need some light sparring gear. This will include light sparring gloves, mouth piece and a cup.  You are welcome to wear addition protective gear if yo wish.

This is a classicle Wing Chun School.  All the classical forms are taught and all training is specific to developing the art and the ability to fight.  We train hard but try to keep a very casual atmosphere.  We will occassionally take on children as students but only for current adult students who are attending the same class. We do not offer childrens classes or a child based curriculum.
The History

The North Seattle Wing Chun School came into existance about mid 1998.  After years of personal training I decided I wanted to open a school of my own to continue my own growth but wanted it to be small and personal.These factors are why I decided to run the school in my home.

The school has seen many many students come through the door. Some have lasted for a short time and some have been with the school for almost as long as it has been open and at this point there are four students that have graduated to instructor levels.

Class Outline
Training is based on the students ability to absorb and perform each lesson. There is no required amount of time before advancing other then the time required to show physical and mental ability.  This of course will be different for each student.

Each student starts at the beginning regardless of past martial arts experience in Wing Chun or any other arts.  The system is taught in form referenced levels.  At the beginning of each level the basics are taught.  As the basics for that level are learned the form is introduced.

In the beginning a great deal of time is spent on solo practice learning basic technique executioin and stance structure.  As the student progresses more and more two man drills are taught.

The Levels

Sil Lim Tau - First Form Level
Chum Kiu - Second Form Level
Mook Jong (first half) - Wooden Dummy Level
Bue Gee - Third Form Level
Mook Jong (second half) - Wooden Dummy Level
Lok Dim Bune Kwan - 6 and one half technique pole form
Bat Jaam Do - Butterfly swords form

Class Schedule

Monday Evening from 7 to 9 pm.
Thursday Evening from 7 to 9 pm.

Doors are open a half hour early so student can stretch out before class starts.

Private lessons are also available.  Please contact the school if you are interested.
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