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Sifu John G. Lapham
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Sifu John G. Lapham
School Founder
Traceable Lineages - 2

I began training at the age of 19 under Sifu Roy Undem. Sifu Undem had recently return from training under Master Fong in Tucson, AZ. and was running a small school in the basement of his home while earning his business degree at the UW.  I trained in this school under various instructors until it broke up about 7 years later. After some research I began training with Sifu Julio Ferrer of the Jeet Keun Wing Chun school and later the Wing Chun Original School. Sifu Julio taught a classical system but utilized more contemporary methods of training. I stayed with Sifu Julio for a little over 8 years and recieved my instructors certification prior to leaving the school and starting the North Seattle Wing Chun School. As with all biographical text there is much omitted here.  I very much enjoy discussions about my past in Wing Chun and would be happy to answer any questions you might have.  Simply call or email me.
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